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    ABILIT is a small family owned IT Solutions provider. Paolo Patti, the owner and operator, has a degree in Micro-electronic Engineering and a Bachelor of Information Technology. We have many years of experience providing IT Solutions to small and medium-size businesses. Our passion is to solve technical problems. We will do it right the first time, or it’s free.

    Being a mobile run business means we are flexible. We typically come to you, whether it be a home or business, or you can visit us at our home office (by appointment only).

    On-site Support (Home and Business)

    The first half-hour is charged at $80 for on-site service. Following that, on-site service is charged in 1-hour blocks for the first 3 hours following the price format below. After 3 hours, the fee is $30 per half-hour block.

    – First half-hour = $80
    – 1 hours = $120
    – 2 hours = $180
    – 3 hours = $240
    – After 3 hours = $240 + $30 / half-hour block

    Off-site and Remote Support (Home and Business)

    The minimum charge for off-site and remote work is $70. However, we have no charge for conducting an off-site or remote diagnosis of your device. Off-site and remote work is charged in 1-hour increments for the first 3 hours of work. Thereafter, the fee is $20 per half-hour block.

    – Diagnosis fee = $0 (the client will be contacted to determine the course of action and the total cost)
    – 1 hour = $70 (minimum charge)
    – 2 hours = $140
    – 3 hours = $210
    – After 3 hours = $210 + $20 / half-hour block

    All hardware replacement costs are in addition to the hourly rates presented above. Prices will be quoted on a per-job basis.

    No. All of our work is charged at an hourly rate. If we come to you, the minimum charge will be $80 for the first half-hour. Thereafter, prices alter based on the number of hours on-site. Please refer to the “What is the Typical Cost?” FAQ.

    For off-site and remote work, we do not charge a diagnosis fee. If we cannot fix your problem, we will not charge you.

    As a mobile business, we typically come to you. We do provide in-house repairs on an appointment basis only. Our business currently operates out of our home in the northside Brisbane suburb of Warner. If you need IT support, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, phone or make an appointment via our online booking system.

    As new technology emerges and software requirements increase, it can be more efficient to your business to upgrade your hardware. However, with the emergence of cloud technology, it may be more cost effective to move your server to a cloud-based infrastructure. We can provide you with the right advice and solutions needed to get your business into the new age.

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